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sintetico EP, riduttori e cuscinetti alte temperature poliglicoli, alta untuosità, DIN 51502 PG (170°C)Synthetic Gear Oils. BP Enersyn™ SG-XP are fully synthetic gear lubricants based on carefully selected polyglycol fluids andcontaining anti-oxidant, rust-inhibiting and EP additives of high thermal stability.ApplicationThe Enesryn SG-XP has inherently superior properties relative to mineral lubricants, therefore these grades areespecially suitable for the high temperature lubrication of gears and bearings,particularly in large scale mills andcalenders.In worm gears operating with mineral oil at low speeds and high torques, conditions of boundary lubrication tendto promote pitting and consequent rapid wear of bronze worm-wheels. Fatty oils (also known as compounded oils)were found to be effective in reducing pitting, but suffered from rapid oxidation at high running temperatures.Enersyn SG-XP grades are suitable for these applications and also allow extended drain and change intervals.Some manufacturers employ them for fill-for-life lubricants.

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