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EP Synthetic Gear LubricantDescriptionEnersyn EPX™ 220, 320, 460 & 680 are fully synthetic industrial gear lubricants, blended from a polyalphaolefin [PAO]based fluid and a carefully balanced additive package, incorporating rust, oxidation and extreme pressure additives. Avery low friction coefficient combined with high viscosity index reduces energy losses due to drag, to provide lower gearbox operating temperatures, whilst maintain good viscosity for film strength.Enersyn EPX 220, 320, 460 & 680 can be used over a wide operational temperature range (-300C to 1200C) and providesuperior performance in heavily loaded or shock-loaded gears and bearing applications where severe duty conditionsnecessitate extreme pressure performance as a service requirement.Enersyn EPX 460 meets the requirements of Liebherr LBC-1.Enersyn EPX 680 has been approved for trial in GE electric wheel motors, and is approved for use in Siemens electricwheel motors.

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