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grasso infusibile per organi ad alte temperatureinorganico, temp.sino a 200°CA high temperature bearing grease formulated usinga clay/polymer base and a selected blend of antioxidant,anti-rust and anti-wear additives. It exhibitsgood extreme pressure qualities.Energrease HTG 2 is a "non melting" grease, i.e. ithas no drop point, designed for the lubrication ofbearings at high temperatures.It is also resistant to vibration and fretting corrosionand the effects of water.Although suitable for a wide range of bearingapplications Energrease HTG 2 is most often usedin automotive wheel bearing applications, wherehigh temperatures occur, due to proximity to brakingsystems, especially when disc brakes are involved.Energrease HTG 2 is suitable for continuous useover a wide temperature range, from minus 20°C to+150 °C. For short periods it can be used attemperatures up to +200 °C. Where hightemperatures are combined with high revolutionrates, an increased frequency of grease change isnecessary.Although primarily designed for automotive wheelbearing applications, Energrease HTG 2 is alsosuitable for the lubrication of rolling and plainbearings of all sizes and types at high temperature.Specific examples would include, bearings introlleys, conveyers, carriages for hardening, dryingand tunnel ovens. Also in bearings of bitumenmixing plant, cranes, forklifts and oven doors infoundries, hot air blowers, etc.Energrease HTG 2, a clay/polymer thickenedgrease, may not be compatible with other greases.Mixing with other greases should be avoided.

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